Flour Power Private Classes (at select studios)

Join us in the kitchen studio with your family only!  Cooking classes for your family, and only your family! Interested in a private cooking event for adult friends?  We offer that too! Just reach out to us for more details! 

We are currently offering these themes for private classes at select studios for families:

Ready to Roll:  Making eating healthy a little more interesting by learning to roll
your own vegetable sushi and veggie dumplings! We’ll learn to make sticky rice and
practice our knife skills, then put it all together by perfecting our sushi rolling and
dumpling-making skills!
Mama Mia: Homemade Pasta!: Ever wondered how pasta is made? Well, we’re here to teach
you! Come along and learn to make homemade egg noodles & marinara sauce or
alfredo sauce! We’ll also be making garlic knots! You’ll want to make these for
everyone you know!
Breakfast Anytime: Egg Frittatas and Buttermilk Biscuits: Breakfast, brunch, or
brinner? Frittatas and made from scratch Buttermilk Biscuits with homemade butter are
perfect for any time of pajama day!
Cookies and Crumbles: Butter Cookies with Royal Icing and Fruit Crumble!  Learn to make 2
desserts that are great for all seasons! Learn a basic cookie recipe that can be used to
make perfectly decorated cookies for any season! And learn a recipe for using the best
the seasons have to offer for the perfect fruit crumbles.

Pierogi Making 101: Join us for this amazing traveling adventure to Poland today as we make this Eastern European Favorite treat:  savory Pierogis (Polish Dumpling) from scratch! This is a class you will not want to miss! 

Pricing varies by location, so please contact the closest studio to you to set up a date and time and discuss pricing.  Please use the button below to find a list of all loactions.