We aren't the only ones excited about what's cooking at Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios... see what some of our parents say.

September 9, 2019 What a wonderful visit we had on Grandparents Day. Fun activities for all ages, and the staff was so helpful.
Sherry Hancuff
Flour Power Garner

October 19, 2019 We had my daughters 7th Birthday party today and the staff and food couldn’t have been more perfect for her special day! We will definitely be coming back and I can not recommend this place enough. It was amazing as a mom to just show up and only have to worry about taking pictures.
Ashley Bullard
Flour Power Garner

September 8, 2019 Wonderful time had by all! Couldn’t post all pictures because I want to be mindful of those who may not want to be placed on social media. Couldn’t have had a better experience than this one involving kids. Just watching them cook, play games and enjoy good comrade was awesome.
Renee Comer
Flour Power Garner

March 20, 2019 Great operators very friendly
Kimberly Marin
Flour Power Garner

September 8, 2019 Absolutely, beautiful and great for kids! Welcome to Garner Flour Power!
Candy Clark
Flour Power Garner

November 2, 2019 Super fun experience!! Cute atmosphere for all ages!
Crystal Keen Roberts
Flour Power Garner

October 6, 2019 the staff is so friendly and patient with the kids. They really went the extra mile for my daughters 6th birthday party.
Kelley Pearce-Cottle
Flour Power Garner

October 13, 2019 Best place ever!! Our birthday party was absolutely amazing. The kids got to use their creativity and team work. Way better than the bouce house places.
Milissa Beth Freer
Flour Power Garner

September 11, 2019 I took my little buddy to the Flour Power “science/cooking” class and he had a blast. He is so excited for next week’s Paw Patrol class!! What a great concept and fun place to go!
Renee Fister-Lee
Flour Power Garner

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