We aren't the only ones excited about what's cooking at Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios... see what some of our parents say.

My boys did a flour power cooking class last night and absolutely loved it! They learned a lot and had fun doing it! Most importantly, it gave them so much confidence in the kitchen!! They are talking like they’re experts. Thank you Flour Power! We’re looking forward to the next class!
Emily Stangler

My daughter did the Celebrity Chef cooking camp last week and it was the best camp she’s done all summer! She enjoyed it, learned a ton and had fun. She was sad to see the week end. We will be returning!
Cassie Wallace

We had our daughter’s 6th birthday there (with a few 7 year old boys in attendance) and the kids had a great time! The party was the least work we’ve ever done for an event prior and during. I would happily do this every year.
Danielle Duran

My kids went last night for the gingerbread house kids night out and loved it!! They’ve asked me no less than 6 times in less than 24 hours when they can go back! The facility was clean and the staff very cheerful and attentive, highly recommend!
Jaclyn Efird
Holly Springs

We had my sons 4th birthday party here and it was amazing! The kids were super involved, the instructors were patient and everyone had such a great time. I cannot wait for my son to go there again!!
Chrissy Featherstone

My kids had a great time & everyone there was so nice.
Shannon Coleman
Willow Springs

My daughter and her friend enjoyed the 9-12 yr old class on Tuesday Night. They raves about Flour Power all the way home...... thank you and we will see you SOON!!!!
Valerie McCullough
Holly Springs

I had my daughter’s party today and it was our first party and first time here! The staff were amazing and I would say this is the best party place hands down we have been to. My daughter and her friends loved the party. Thank you so much for making this an awesome day for my birthday girl!!!
Latisha Hicks

We had our daughter’s 4th birthday here and it was blast! The teachers are so good with the kids and fun was had by all!
Marsha Craig-Moose
Willow Springs

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