Flour emPOWER

Help the teen in your life DEVELOP THE POWER OF ‘OUR’

We know teens have BIG appetites and many love working with younger kids.  They may be a perfect candidate for the FLOUR emPOWER Leadership Development program.

Our Flour emPOWER Leadership Development Program equips teens with the tenets of servant leadership skills by apprenticing and serving others in the kitchen. Here’s what they will learn:

  • The power of 'our'. By working together as a team and leveraging combined strengths, participants will utilize their unique skillsets, share knowledge with others, and build a stronger unit that ultimately achieves more than any one person could alone.
  • The power of service. These leaders will also learn the rewarding act of serving younger children who will be attending the program as campers.
  • The power of potential. Empowering teens is about helping build confidence, enabling them to take on challenges and lead others.