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Birthday Parties
* Camps
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* Etiquette
* Teen Chef
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* Preschool Chef
* Teacher Workday Camps

... And Much More!
All children learn through hands-on discovery.  Add the ingredients of fun, energetic adults and
the love for home cooked food, and you have stirred up the essence of a Lil' Chef.  From
preschool to teens, we sizzle up amazing programs such as Birthday Parties, Weekly
Classes, Camps, Adult Classes, Kids Night Out, and Etiquette classes!
We can't wait to meet you and your Lil' Chef soon!
Birthday Parties
Ages 4 to Adults
Summer & Teacher Workday Camps:
Ages 5 to 12
Kids Night Out
Ages 5 to 12
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Check Out Our Programs!
Themed Cooking Classes
Preschool To Teens
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intro video of the fun we stir up at
Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios
in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC

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Adult Cooking Classes
(Ages 18+)
Etiquette: Great Manners for Great Kids!
Ages 5 to 16
Teen Chef Classes & Parties
(Ages 10 +)
Lil' Chef Classes & Parties
(Ages 5 to 10)
Preschool Chef Classes and Parties
with Parent
(Ages 3 to 5)
8438 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210